Things we do:

The Mitsubishi 4wd Club is a family friendly organisation. The club works to give back to community from which it is drawn. Over the past 12 months the club has donated funds and supported the following organisations and events:

  • Royal Fly Doctors Service

  • Cancer Council Queensland

  • Kenilworth First Responders

  • Kids Cancer

  • Glen Rock - Volunteers

  • Drought Relief Run - supporting regional communities (joint with Brisbane 4WD Club)

  • Fraser Island Clean up - Volunteers

  • Oxfam - Volunteers

  • Killarney Memorial Aged Care

You can find more details below of some of these events:


In March, we volunteered for the first time with BlazeAid, and spent nearly three weeks at Richmond, Queensland helping a property owner hit hard by the floods in February.

From fencing, building property roads, unloading and stacking hay bales, cutting a truck load of pipe for strainer posts and helping to save a sick steer, we undertook any job that was required to be done.

It was one of the best experiences of our lives and so rewarding for us knowing we had been able to help make someone’s life a bit easier.

John Lillico was the BlazeAid co-ordinator at Richmond and was terrific in organising everything and making sure the volunteers received anything they required.

Paul and Sheryl Lee


Mitsubishi 4WD Owners’ Club of Qld (Inc)

The Royal Flying Doctors Service

Recently the Mitsubishi 4WD Owners club donated $3000 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The donation was made at the November end of year meeting which was held at the Mt.Gravatt Mitsubishi dealers store, from proceeds of the 2017 Corroboree.

Cancer Council Queensland

At the February 2018 Mitsubishi 4WD Clubs meeting, we presented a cheque for $2000 to Ami Reynolds from the Cancer Council Queensland. This is part of the proceeds from last years 4WD Qld's Corroboree. Another presentation will be made in Kenilworth to the Kenilworth First Responders next week.

Kenilworth First Responders

CMS Kenilworth First Responder Group

The Kenilworth First Responder Group/Committee was established in 2001 in which interested Community volunteers gave up their time to respond to health care emergencies in the Kenilworth and surrounds area until QAS Paramedics arrived.

The Responders use their own vehicles to respond and they have been providing 24 hour coverage in the Kenilworth and surrounding areas since their inception. With the closest QAS Stations Cooroy, Nambour and Maleny this covers a vast area.

On average the Group responds to 400 cases per year and provides Advanced First Aid Health care to the sick and injured until QAS Paramedics arrive (which is at least a 30 minute response time).

The Group has gained public funding to operate 2 vehicles, one of which is an off road vehicle. This is because there are surrounding farms and forestry and a 4WD is of huge benefit to get to those patients in difficult areas.

The Kenilworth First Responder Group has a current compliment of 11 Responders that rotate through a 24 hour roster. Over the years the Group has had many volunteers that have contributed to the KFR group each adding to helping develop the group to what it is today. When any one of them are on call they answer every '000' call out. Over the last 12 months we have had at least one responder on call every day off the year.

The Kenilworth Response Group survives through local fund raising in the community FRG to support the cost of running their vehicles. But their time is volunteered whether responding or fund raising.

The QAS provides regular ongoing Training, Operational and Administrative support for them to provide their service - Fortnightly training, uniforms, equipment, Communications equipment.

All of the responders are advanced first alders and are trained once a fortnight by a QAS paramedic.

Killarney BonFire Night

The club recently attended the Killarney Bonfire night which is supported by Killarney Memorial Aged Care Auxilliary, Killarney Lions Club, Killarney Rural Fire Brigade, Killarney Polocrosse Club and Killarney Rec Club.. The following letter was received by the club. The events website is found here.

Mitsubishi Motors thank you letter

2012 to 2019 (2020 cancelled) Oxfam Walk

The Mitsubishi club again provides valued logistical support for another year. Club members provide much appreciated transport and support for the Oxfam teams at check point 4 (2012 to 2015) and check points 4 and 1 (2016 to 2019) out from Jollies Lookout.

Members make use of their 4wd capabilities to transport any participant walkers that is unable to continue up the hill track to a warm station at the Lookout where they can be looked after and picked up by their support crew. There have been 24 members volunteer each year.

2017 4WD Clubs of Queensland - Annual Fraser Island Cleanup

In previous years, the event has attracted around 400 volunteers (spanning 230+ vehicle and 19 four wheel drive clubs across the state) who have banded together to collect general rubbish and flotsam and jetsam washed ashore by the tides and the weather systems that have hit the Queensland Coastline. Volunteers collected plastic such as netting, bottles, fish fluoro tubes and incredibly, thousands of toothbrushes during the three-day-long event. Approximately 50 cubic metres of rubbish (985 garbage bags) has been collected during the weekend and the difference on the eastern beach alone, was astounding. This community service event is reliant upon volunteers giving up their own time in the support of this cause with the backing of corporate sponsorship.

The Mitsubishi Club will participate in the Fraser Island Cleanup once again this year.