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Registering for a trip

The process for registering for a club trip has recently been updated. In the past members were able to register for club trips using the club forum, or they could register manually at club meetings using the paper based form. 

Of significant note, many members today, tend to utilise Facebook much more than they ever utilise the club forum.  This is reflective of how technology has changed over the years.

Thus the decision has been made by the current committee, to move the section which was available upon the club forum for registering on a club trip, to facebook instead.  This is only available to current members. You will need to be a financial member of the club in order to have access to this page.

From the main facebook page you will select "Events" (shown in the imae above). Here you will find a list of the trips coming up and a place where you can register. Please note: Trips which have limited spaces should be confirmed with the trip leader.

Club Magazine - "Diamond Torque"

A club magazine is published monthly with information on activities which have been completed, as well as activities which are coming up. 

You will find all the club magazines including the current one on the Magazines page found above.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held at the Paddington Tavern on the third Tuesday of every month. 

The Paddington Tavern is located at 186 Given Terrace Paddington

Whilst the meetings start at 7:30pm, everyone is welcome to arrive early and have a meal before the meeting starts. The Trip Diary calendar which shows when these events are held can be seen here.

Club Committee

The club committee for 2022/23 is made up of the following members.

Facebook and YouTube

The club has a very active Facebook page which is available to the public. Members also have access to a private facebook page called Members Torque.

The Youtube page is new to the club and is still requires more video submissions. If you are into video and can submit some outing videos, send them to the webmaster for upload.


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