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Driver awareness Program

Why should you complete a Driver awareness program (DAP) ?

All new club members need to be aware that in order to take part in the more challenging organised club trips (that is other than easy, scenic or social), they must have completed the club Driver Awareness Program (DAP). This depends on the difficulty of the tracks that are part of the trip. See the track grading system set out on the Trip Tips page.

Membership of the club is not dependent upon the completion of the DAP. Members may choose not to do the DAP. In this case members should be satisfied that they are restricted from driving on some of the trips organised by the club. They may however accompany an accredited driver as a passenger.

A trip sheet is produced for each club trip. The grading of the trip is marked on the Trip sheet and is also publicised in the Club Calendar and on the Forum well in advance. Nominated Drivers must record their DAP status on each trip sheet and all participants must sign the trip sheet prior to setting out.

Format of the Driver Awareness Program

  • A theory session of 2-3 hour duration is usually held on a Thursday evening.

  • Practical instruction is held at a private 4WD park over a weekend

  • The Driver awareness program is often held in conjunction with an open club trip, is a fun weekend, and a great social occasion

Club Driver Awareness Policy

  • All DAP participants must be full financial members of the club.

  • DAP training is a pre-requisite before members can join in trips that are not rated as Easy, Scenic or Social.

  • A fee will be required to enrol in the DAP training.

  • Practical training cannot be undertaken by applicants unless the theory component has been completed.

  • The fee includes camping fees for two nights at the chosen venue which will be a four wheel driving park within an easy range of greater Brisbane. All the required practical training will be delivered at that location.

  • Partners are encouraged to join in the weekend however training is limited to one trainee per vehicle per course.

  • Other specialist training, such as sand driving may be available through the club from time-to-time but completion of this course is not a prerequisite for any trips.


Exemption may be granted by the DAP Officer for members who have already completed an equivalent DAP training course, either with:

  • Another recognised 4WD club that conducts an equivalent course; or

  • A Commercial training organisation.

Defence Force training may also be recognised.

The DAP Officer will need to be shown proof of completion of such a course and will need to be convinced of the equivalence of the course outcomes. Decisions will generally fall on the side of caution.

Booking Details and Membership Notification

  • For members wanting to do the DAP or arrange prior training recognition (equivalence), please contact the DAP Officer.

  • For specific details of the next upcoming DAP, members are directed to contact the DAP Team

  • For members not intending to do the DAP, please contact the Membership Officer who will mark the membership list and advise the DAP Co-ordinator.

  • The current cost of the DAP is $170 inclusive of camping fees (current as of September 2019).

  • For further information and bookings, your contact is

Some examples of the Driver awareness program

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